Tips On How To Light Your Home.

Lighting your home is often the last thing to be done in interior design but it’s worth spending some time on because it can be one of the most important ways to finish a room. Different lighting can have a massive impact on the feel of a room and in turn effect the mood of its inhabitants- you!

One of the first things to remember is that good lighting should make you feel comfortable in your home and allow you to use every part of your home as you intend to. Have you ever avoided using a room because it feels gloomy?

A great way to light a room is by having a central lighting source i.e. a ceiling light which you can then supplement with additional lighting like wall or table lamps. Don’t be afraid to have a bit of fun with lighting too. Lighting is one area where you can make people stop and say wow. If you are looking for something modern then Grossmann lighting do a fantastic range of striking original designs. For instance the Grossmann lighting Juno ceiling light is wonderfully energetic light.

A ceiling light with multiple arms, like the Juno from Grossmann lighting, is a great way of spreading the light around the room and it means you are less likely to suffer from shadows than if you had a single light source.

Another way of reducing shadows and improving the ambience of a room is to use supplementary lighting like table or wall lights.

For instance Grossmann lighting can do a range of matching items to complement the chosen ceiling light. The Grossmann Magic wall light would go very well with the Grossmann Juno ceiling light. It provides a wash of light up and down the wall and looks stunningly effective. The colour of the metalwork will match together well and this is an important part of joining different styles together. In addition to wall lights, table lamps can be really effective ways of providing supplementary light particularly in ares where you might be reading. Grossmann lighting also do a range of table lamps and the Grossmann Tango table lamp would go well in the example we have here.

To create a great lighting effect the more control you have the better. If it is possible to split the circuits on the wall lights, ceiling lights and table lamps then this is great. It means you will have options and can tailor the light levels to your exact requirements. Also using a dimmer switch is a great way adjusting light. It is worth investing in a quality system such as Lutron to give you the most options and reliability. It is also worth checking compatibility between your dimmer switches and your lights. Most Grossmann lights will work with Lutron dimmers but it is worth asking your retailer for more information.