Tips for Purchasing Silver Table Candelabra

Silver Table Candelabra are very efficient in enhancing the beauty of the dinner table. The occasion can be any like wedding, reception, etc., but the beauty it renders is unmatchable.

These pieces make beautiful gift options for an engagement ceremony, anniversary or a marriage. They come with beautiful and tall green or red candles, these silver candelabras look awesome as the center pieces on a holiday table.

Purchasing a silver candelabras can prove to be a daunting tasks especially for the people who have absolutely no idea about them. So here we are helping you with some of the important tips about the various options and designs available in this category.

Are Candle sticks and Candelabra the same?

Well, the answer is no. There is a difference between both the products. Candle sticks are basically candle holders made from sterling silver or any other metal like brass, etc. A candle of certain fixed dimension is fixe on the stand to give warm lighting during candlelight dinners, romantic evenings, etc.

Candelabrum is a piece which fusses multiple candle stands on its three or more branches that are attached t a single pedestal. Plural form of Candelabrum is called candelabra. They can be kept on the table or can be simply hanged on the ceiling providing lightings as well as adding to the ambience of the room.

Tips for Purchasing Candelabra

Check for the Silver Vs Silver Plating – First of all you should know the difference between sterling silver and a silver plated product. This is necessary to save yourself from duping by a duplicate product. There are many duplicate brands in the market that are selling silver plated silver candelabras to the customers in the name of sterling silver. Well if are getting a very cheap deal on silver candelabras, then understand that the product is not genuine.

Designing – Don’t forget to do a bit of research before entering the market for purchasing silver candelabras. By doing this you can get a detailed idea about the types of style patterns available in the market. There are many famous and leading brands who sell exclusive designs. If you wish to purchase the most unique ones, make sure you have detailed information about all of them. Choosing a right style is very important if you want to stand out in the crowd. Also consider the ambience and style of the ambience you are looking the silver candelabras for.

About Maintenance – Along with beauty comes the maintenance as well! These silver candelabras require high level maintenance from the users. Make sure you have all the required equipments for cleaning and polishing the silver candelabras to give them a new and sterling look all the time. You must also ensure that the silver candelabras are free from and dust and moisture. Moisture can ruin the shining of the metal giving it an old look.

It is also important to wax and polish silver candelabras timely to avoid any stains and marks on its sterling silver surface.