Air Conditioning Keeps Cool

British weather, such an unpredictable thing. It seems it changes more often than I change my socks. Raining one minute, then sunny and snowing the next. We just cannot keep up with it all, no knowing whether to put on an extra layer or take a layer off. So it therefore seems appropriate for our homes to accommodate to this weather .Did you also know that around 50% of the energy in our houses comes from heating and cooling! So based on these points it may seem like there needs to be a rather complex solution; for something that is able to both heat and cool you. However no, perhaps not. The simple answer is air conditioning.

Now when you hear the words air conditioning, your mind may revert to a more hot climate such as Spain. Where it seems that the air conditioning in each hotel room is such a god send, managing to cool you down even on the hottest of days. Although I bet you have never thought of it in a way of being able to heat up a room as well as cool one down too. Yes this is absolutely true.

So we know that air conditioning can be used to heat and cool, but you may ask yourself why chose this over the central heating? Well here is the answer; The fact is that rather than a radiator the heat that comes out of the air conditioning unit is blown out so the heat is quickly and easily dispersed though the space, quicker than a radiator would transfer the heat through the room. Also by using an air conditioner it can improve indoor air quality. As they filter out any impurities within the indoor air such as: dust and pollen. So for people who suffer from asthma and hay fever this is definitely very beneficial for them, as they won’t be breathing in the dust and pollen.

So yes we may not all be able to crack quantum physics now, but at least we now know why it is certainly so beneficial for us to get air conditioning, whether it is hot or cold weather!