What Steps are Taken to Install New Kitchen Cabinets?

Designing a new kitchen or redesigning an old one can define the entire house. Make sure to choose wisely because the money spent could rack up quickly. The process of installing Kitchen Cabinets and other elements of the new kitchen may vary slightly from one customer to another but, to give you an idea, see kitchen and cabinet guide.

First contact

The client comes to meet an installer for the first time to see what is offered, their rates, etc. Clients should already have basic measurements on-hand, but some property owners may want to wait for the installers to take the measurements. If the customer does not have these measurements, a specialist may come to the home and take them.

These costs will be reimbursed if the customer buys his or her Kitchen Cabinets from that cabinet store. The measurement includes, but is not limited to, the dimensions of the kitchen, distance from the walls, doors, windows, plumbing positioning, the heating unit, and other measurements relevant to the renovation of a kitchen.

Identifying your needs

Installers will then ask the customer all the necessary questions to understand the desired style whether it’s classic, contemporary, or trendy. Experts recommend the customer look at several photos on popular sites like Houzz or Pinterest to inspire themselves and define their tastes and preferences. Professionals will try to identify the customer’s needs regarding configuration, materials, colors, hardware, backsplash, floor, ventilation, lighting, plumbing, sink, accessories, types of handles, etc. They will also take all factors into consideration.

Planning and a second visit

Once the installer has all the elements in his or her hands, they will take a few days to draw up some plans that outline the customer’s dream kitchen and then develop a final plan according to the client’s preferences. The customer will come back to see the first draft of their dream kitchen and to read the submission (fees, costs, etc.). Adjustments will be made as needed at this meeting, which will help to finalize everything and get the process going. The customer will have to make a deposit, and an expert will visit one more time to take some final measurements if this has not already been done. Learn more about kitchen cabinet, Cabinetland.

Production of the cabinetry during a complete kitchen renovation

The kitchen cabinets are put into production after the client approves the final technical plans. At this time, it can take a few weeks for the kitchen to be completed. During this time, a contractor will evaluate the work to be done according to the agreed plans. The work will be done during this time and as close as possible to the finish date to deprive you as little as possible of a kitchen.

When the kitchen cabinets are delivered, an experienced installer will start the installation, and it can take one to two days to complete the installation. Once the countertops and cabinets have been installed, the contractor completes the process according to the agreed plan. They will install the backsplash, connect the plumbing, and more. This process will take one or two more days to complete.