What Should Pond Owners Know About Aeration?

A body of water must be healthy or it will not support life, including plant or animal. When a pond is not properly aerated, the water will become stagnant and lead to foul odors. Homeowners who have a residential pond have a few different options when it comes to aeration. With windmill aeration systems, pond owners can rest assured their pond will be a healthy body of water that is welcoming to plant and animal life.

Windmill aeration helps to infuse the water with vital oxygen which prevents odor and bacterial growth. Not only does aeration make the water healthier, it also prevents ponds from freezing during the winter months because the water is constantly circulating. There are many benefits to windmill aeration, including:

  • Windmills use the power of the wind to aerate the water so no electricity is needed. This not only saves money on operation costs but is also beneficial when a pond is located too far from an electrical source. A windmill can provide wind power to aerate a pond with as little as 3-5 mph winds. One single unit can aerate a pond that is as large as two to three acres. Multiple windmills may be needed for larger bodies of water.
  • Because of the cut of the blades, these windmills do not require a large amount of wind force to operate. With a large head, more power is produced with much less wind force so a pond will be aerated in any level of wind.
  • The self-governing operation allows the windmill to be protected during periods of high wind. This ensures excess air is released so it does not cause damage to the windmill.
  • The pond windmills are easy to clean and repair because they can be lowered. The windmills are available in a variety of heights to meet the needs of various sizes of ponds.

If you have a pond, purchasing a windmill aerator will help keep it healthy and full of life. These windmills are easy to install and offer powerful operation. Check out the selection today so you can decide which type of aeration system will be most beneficial to your pond.