Triple Glazing… is it Worth the Extra Money?

A recently introduced innovation in the UK, triple glazing is relatively standard in Scandinavia where temperatures can drop as low as -30°C.

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Although the UK doesn’t suffer from such temperatures, the increasing price of energy raises the question: is triple glazing worth the extra money?

Triple glazing benefits

There are plenty of ways to insulate a home, such as lagging the floors and roof, but neglecting the windows can result in condensation and cold spots.

There are many benefits to triple glazing. Three panes of glass are naturally more secure than double glazing, and the centre pane of glass in the unit is toughened, which eases any stresses and ensures that the window is stronger than a double glazed unit, which will help keep your home more secure against intruders.

Triple glazing can also lead to a reduced carbon footprint. As your home becomes better insulated, it will require less heating, and so will reduce the impact of your home’s energy needs on the environment. This also means energy bill savings, mitigating the effects of rising energy prices.

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Triple glazing also offers improved sound insulation. The effect is particularly improved if one pane of glass in the unit is a different thickness from the others, such as one pane of 6mm to two of 4mm because the alternating thickness of the glass changes the sound’s wave length as it transfers through the glass. This reduces sound transmittance. It is sensible to choose the best insulating product for your home.

From the various triple glazing options available, you should opt for a unit with at least a gap of 16mm between the 4mm glass, and you should pick an argon gas filled unit. For Dublin windows and doors you could try a company such as

Triple glazing negatives

There are a few disadvantages to triple glazing. External condensation can occur as the glass is not well-heated by your home, similar to the dew found on car windows. Condensation can often be an indicator of how well insulated your windows are, as the warm air indoors does not escape to the cold outside.

Triple glazing can also decrease the amount of natural light entering the room, as the additional layers of low-emissivity coating slightly darkens the glass. However, this can be barely noticeable.