The Modern Home’s Biggest Energy Wasters


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After the mortgage and tax payments due when you own a home, the next biggest monthly expense for homeowners is the cost of electricity. Electricity is in constant use in a home and is a bill that will consistently increase as rates for electricity only go one way, up.

Homeowners need to be smart about how they approach electricity usage in their homes. It can seem sometimes that the bills are constant and unchangeable, but the reality is that there are many things a homeowner can do to cut their electricity bills. Here are the biggest electricity wasters and what homeowners can do to cut the waste.

The Home Air Conditioner

Residential air conditioners consume more electricity than any appliance in the home. These units have big jobs and utilize powerful engines to perform them. The high quality ones are always ready to perform their work whenever called into action, no matter the temperature in the room or the length of time they are asked to be in service. For this convenience, we pay a high price in electricity fees.

Homeowners with very high electricity bills should find ways to moderate their air conditioner use and also make sure that their units are regularly serviced. The smartest approach to residential air conditioners however, is to replace the unit if it is more than a dozen years old.

Older air conditioners require more electricity because they are much less efficient. Additionally new technology in today’s air conditioning units means better efficiency and cost savings for homeowners. A new unit will consume up to 30{a714ac8402ee9cd2d7a6730a5b59f1e98c3fea9ebbd577a99ea4f70f52a533a1} less electricity than an older unit, give much better service and deliver consistently cooler air.

Turn off Lights and Appliances that are Not in Use

A single light bulb burning when no one is in room does not significantly raise your electricity bills, but if you constantly walk out of rooms and leave the lights on ending up with lots of rooms in your home lit up for no reason, your electricity bills will rise. If you add to this; never unplugging the television, microwave, game console, cable box, or your chargers for phones, tablets and laptop computers, you should understand that your bad habits are increasing your electricity bills.

Many appliances that use electricity today are designed to come on very quickly and the way they accomplish this is to never turn off when you turn them off. Instead they take a nap so that they can turn on immediately when you press the on button. While they nap they are constantly burning electricity and costing you money. So unplug these appliances when not in use.

Eliminate Bad Habits

Even if you purchase a new, more efficient air conditioner, you need to exercise good habits to save electricity. You should fix any drafts in windows or doors, and keep them closed when you are running your air conditioning unit. An open window will cause your air conditioner to run more often which equates to higher electricity bills.

Many homeowners are not aware of their bad habits and really pay the price. Pay attention to bad electricity habits and you will save money every month.