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Important Information About Industrial Pumps

Water is the primary thing most domestic pumps will be used to pump, unlike industrial pumps which do more. For this reason, industrial pumps are bigger than domestic home pumps. Apart from size, industrial pumps will require to be more advanced due to the demands they have to meet. Some of the materials pumped through pumps in industries include water, chemicals, petroleum products, sludge, slurry and food. These substances will, therefore, require the pumps to pump at different pressures based on the viscosity of the materials. As one would easily note, the materials are also of different chemical composition meaning the pumps also have to be made with different materials and designs. Below are some tips to help you decide before getting an industrial pump.

The first thing anyone getting an industrial pump will need to consider is the size and nature of the industry. There exists some industries whose main business is in fluids. Such industries include those dealing with petroleum products, water or even chemicals. In these industries, the pumps need to have a high tolerance of pumping large volumes of fluids and at high pressures. The amount of time these pumps are required to pump water is also long.The specifications on the individual pumps in the market will give you the amount of time the pump operates as well as the pressure it can generate.

The nature of the material being pumped is another thing any pump buyer should put into consideration. Previously, we saw that some of the fluids pumped by industrial pumps include chemicals, food substances and petroleum products. Corrosion by chemicals being pumped is one thing that will require one to get a pump made of material that will not corrode in the case of a pump to pressure chemicals. Water and other fluids with oxygen need to be pumped by pumps made of materials that can resist rusting. Food materials should also be pumped with pumps that do not pose the risk of contaminating the food by the materials which make them.

To be put into consideration also is the power consumption of the industrial pump. This single factor may determine the amount of profit that an industry makes. Revenues of the company will be reduced greatly by the power consumption of a pump. To know how much power a pump uses you may have to see the pump’s manufacturer manual. Based on the value of substances you need to pump, the manual will give you a clue of the expenses on power on the pump.

Lastly, consider the ease of customizing the industrial pump. Some of the common customizations done on industrial pumps include change of direction of flow and addition of pipes or valves. Your pump’s customization depends on the needs of the industry or the fluids being pumped. A pump that can be easily customized gives the buyer the best services.

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