Practical and Easy Ways to Clean Oily Kitchen Stoves and Walls

When cooking, we often accidentally spill the oil on the stove or oil burst out and hit the kitchen wall.

If left uncommonly the oil stains will settle and difficult to remove. In addition to causing unpleasant odor, will also disturb the beauty and will damage the paint layer on the stove. This situation is certainly very annoying is not it?

Usually many people clean the splashes of oil only by clean it just use a dry cloth or wet cloth, but in fact it will not clean the oil stains completely because the rest will still stick.

Therefore, it takes a smart way to overcome them. There are ways that can be done to overcome oil stains, the way is quite easy and practical. There are even other alternative ways that can be done to make it easier, so that in this way the stove and wall of your kitchen will come back clean and fragrant. So what’s the way?

To find out, you can see the practical way and easily clean kitchen from the oil stains below.

Practical and Easy Ways to Clean Oily Kitchen Walls

Cornstarch and vinegar solution

To remove or overcome oils attached to a kitchen stove or wall, the first ingredient you can use is a solution made of cornstarch and vinegar. How to make the solution in question is quite easy, where the first step you should do is mix the two materials and stir evenly until it becomes a paste. Then, add water until slightly dilute. Only then can you apply it directly to an oily kitchen stove or wall.

Wipe with a sponge

If you have applied or applied the above solution on the stove and kitchen wall, then you can continue on the next step. Take a sponge, then wipe the sponge on a kitchen stove or wall. You can wipe the sponge in a circular motion until the stain of the oil is gone.

Wash with dishwasher soap

After the oil stain is lost or clean, you can wash your kitchen stove or wall. The trick is, take a lap and input into water that has been mixed with dishwashing liquid. Rub the wet cloth on the kitchen stove and wall.


If the above steps you have done, you can directly dry it. The trick is, take a dry cloth, then wipe on your kitchen stove or wall until completely dry

In addition to the above, there are other alternatives you can do, namely by using kerosene as follows.


How to use kerosene to clean the oil on the stove and kitchen wall more easily. Prepare a cloth and kerosene sufficiently. Then input the rag into a container containing kerosene. Then rub the cloth on the surface of the stove and the kitchen wall is greasy, the wall of the kitchen in question is a wall made of ceramic. Wipe all the oil stains out until they are gone. To get rid of the kerosene’s odor, you can wipe it back with a dish washed or dishwashing cloth.

Quite easy and simple is not it? Currently you do not have to complain again because there is a smart way that can be done to clean stubborn oil stains.

That’s how to clean oil stains on kitchen stoves and walls. Good luck.

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