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Choosing Foods that are Suitable for Dogs. Dog owners are always tempted to share their delicacy which they have been indulging in. Some of the foods which are suitable for humans might not be ideal for dogs. Dogs digest food in a dissimilar way than human beings. Health problems are likely to arise when a dog is fed with the wrong food. A few of the humans food helps to offer health benefits to dogs like improve allergy immunity, joint strength and better breathe. The main risk of feeding a dog with almonds is that they can cause its windpipe to block and also have a lot of challenges digesting the same. The water retention caused by salted almonds has been shown to lead to heart disease. The health benefits of breads to dogs do not exist at all. Feeding a dog with numerous cashews at the same time is not advisable at any given time. If you decide to feed dogs with cashew nuts, you are increasing the chances that they will suffer from obesity. It is not advisable to feed a dog with huge amounts of cheese. Care is always needed since cheese has been shown to have a lot of fats. It is not a good idea to feed a dog that is lactose intolerant with cheese. You should not make a mistake of feeding your dog with chocolate since it might be harmful to it. They contain harmful substance known as methylxanthines, which acts as stimulants that hinders the metabolic process of a dog. When you feed a dog with chocolate, there are high chances that diarrhea and vomiting might arise. By feeding a dog with a lot of chocolate, irregular heart function might arise.
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Despite the fact that cinnamon might not be harmful to a dog, it’s not ideal to feed it with it. The oils that cinnamon has have been shown to make it irritated. By feeding your dog with cinnamon, its blood sugar is likely to lower which might cause vomiting and increased heart rate. Coughing and chocking can arise when a dog inhales cinnamon powder.
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Coconut has been shown to be very helpful for dogs. Due to the lauric acid it contains, the immune system of dogs is likely to get a boost. The best way to help dogs eliminate flea allergies, heal numerous skin conditions and prevent bad breathe is by feeding them with coconut which has been shown to be very nutritious for the dog. one can give coconut oils and milk. the shell of coconut has fully that cause furry so the dog owner needs to be careful. The main ingredient in a dogs’ meals is corn. Dog find it hard to digest cob and cause intestinal blockage. Eggs are healthy to feed dogs but one has to cook them fully. Cooked eggs are good sources of protein.