Motivate your kids to play sports and get them active clothes

Motivate  your kids to play sports and get them active clothes from Children’s Place.

Ways to motivate kids on sports:

Don’t impose a sport on your kids instead let them pick one they feel comfortable playing.

Take your kids to a sport’s games to  see it in action and decide if that is the sport they want to play.

Get books and movies about sports for kids to gain interest and learn more about their sport’s options.

Play sports with your kids  and teach them skills  and techniques they can apply.

Reward your kids for their effort of trying to learn the sport.

Be part of the learning process and go to practice the sport with your kids.

Get the entire family involved and plan an outing to play a sport of their liking.


Shop the active section at Children’s Place for great clothes for your kids. For extra motivation to winning the football game get Place Sport Long Raglan Sleeve Graphic Tee. See has an inspirational football graphic design  with 24-7 Touch Downs written below. Made from stretchy materials for a softness feel and comfortable fit. No need to cut the tag anymore, this tee is tagless.

Keep the motivation on and get comfortable Place Sport Paneled Jogger Pants. Great for  playing sports  outdoors in cold weather. The drawstrings at waistband can be adjusted. These jogger pants are cuffed at the bottom for an athletic look. Side pockets have a good depth to place anything.

Take care of your kids’  ears and head and keep them warm with a Colorblock Fleece Hat. Great construction made from warm materials. Colorblock all over fleece hat with ear flaps and pom pom at top.

For when the temperatures  drop  opt for Long Sleeve 3–in-1 Jacket. There are three ways this jacket can be worn. This jacket withstands the strongest snow winds and rain, it is water and wind resistant. Your kids won’t feel the cold in this insulated jacket and make many touchdowns. Hood is a snug fit for comfort and warmth and not get rained out. Cuffs can be adjusted to not get snow in.

Help your kids score a touchdown and win the game with Place Sport Striped Heathered Cushion. Comfortable and warm socks with a cushioned arch.

Your kids will step up their game in style with Camo Hi-Top Jet Sneakers. Cool kicks have a textured camo print and a strap at hi-top. Comfortable shoes made of quality and soft materials to keep your kids playing.

For good grip gloves to catch the ball effortlessly opt for Gripper Gloves. Crafted from acrylic to keep your kids hands warm for hours.

Training is done now get your kids ready for the game. Get them an early reward for their dedication and opt for Short Sleeve ‘I Came I Saw I Made It Awesome’ Graphic Tee. These will reaffirm them they have conquered their sport.

You’ve motivated your kids to follow the sport they love now get active clothes from Children’s Place.