Minor Home Accidents and the Need for Water or Fire Damage Restoration

Floods, house fires and natural disasters can wreak havoc on a home. These sorts of events are rare and many homeowners will never face the massive cleanup that is left in their wake. What is far more likely to happen are the seemingly small problems that become a much larger issue than expected. This includes an unattended bathtub overflowing across the bathroom, a furnace glitch that causes soot to accumulate through the home or a dishwasher with a plugged drain line that empties itself into the cupboards. Appliance malfunctions are a common reason for smoke and water damage and professional remediation services take these contained disasters as seriously as any other job.

What if it is just a small amount of water?

Water or Fire Damage Restoration teams have been needed when the problem was due to only a few gallons of water. The determining factor is not always the amount of water involved but where it traveled. No problem exists if the water was on a solid surface (like a kitchen floor) and is easily mopped away. Help is needed if it soaked into carpeting or was within a wall, ceiling or floor.

Is it okay to wait a week or two to see if there is any damage?

Mold begins to grow within 24-48 hours. A single mold spore in the home can spread the problem to areas far away from where the damage first occurred. The risk of more damage taking place increases as a homeowner waits to resolve the problem.

Should people worry even if everything looks okay?

It could take days or weeks for water damage to become apparent on the surface. Moisture will slowly seep into drywall and soften it. Over time the material begins to sag until it eventually crumbles. Wallpaper is not instantly damaged from water inside a wall. It takes time for water to soak through the drywall. Eventually, the adhesive on the wallpaper will loosen and the paper will bubble or curl up along the edges as it releases from the surface of the wall.

Restoration services are always less expensive when they are done immediately after an incident rather than when the damage has spread. Their work will also help to save personal property that might have been lost without their efforts. Most offer free estimates and work directly with insurance companies.