eyIs modern vinyl flooring the best choice for your home?

Vinyl flooring has greatly evolved over the last ten years, with innovative manufacturing and design making vinyl water resistant, durable and scratch proof.

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Now available in planks and tiles resembling laminate flooring and stone, vinyl also offers exciting colour options. The choice is extensive, making it an option to consider for every room in your home.


Usually a busy and frequently used room, the kitchen is susceptible to extensive foot traffic. It is vital to choose a flooring that is hard wearing and strong enough to contend with frequent use, as well as be easily cleaned from grime and food. You could even choose a vintage wood effect for a classic look or a modern minimalist style in marble stone to suit any kitchen.

Vinyl flooring has become increasingly popular in recent years, and the global vinyl flooring market is estimated to be worth $16.2 billion by 2023.

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Bathroom flooring can be susceptible to damage from water and steam. Splashing baths and humidity can wreak havoc on bathroom flooring. Opt for vinyl flooring which can fit any style of bathroom in any colour or design and vinyl is simple to install and offers a luxurious finish.


Choose stylish flooring that will suit your décor. Foot traffic isn’t particularly high in this room making engineered wood flooring such as that at woodfloor warehouse a great option.

Any colour such as cherry blossom, slate or darker wood can be used to complement the design in your bedroom. Engineered flooring insulates the bedroom well and is extremely easy to clean.

Living Room

The best option for your living room floor is wood flooring. Available in a variety of styles and designs, wood suits any living room and is durable and strong enough to handle high foot traffic. Choose a colour that contrasts to the wood furniture you have in the room, making your wood flooring a centrepiece that works with certain touches such as the wall colour.

Stairs and hallways

Engineered wood flooring is the perfect choice for stairs and hallways. Whilst being luxurious and hard wearing, engineered flooring makes a stylish statement when people arrive at your home.

There is no swelling or shrinking as the seasonal temperatures change, meaning this flooring has great longevity.