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The Importance of Law.

The legislature is responsible for issuing the set standards and rules called the law that is used by the court and similar authorities. Even the institutions possess their own rules. Where the rules and regulations exist there will also be order. It helps people to live in peace and harmony. Many societies without strict laws are characterized by the chaos that is unending. The law is responsible for the peace most of the world is experiencing. The importance of the law will be witnessed if only the laws are enforced. Breaking of the law should have heavy consequences that will discourage other people to repeat the same.

Each country on earth has its own rules and regulations. There are some that apply to all countries. These are the laws that are relevant internationally. Examples of such laws, are these regarding the air and sea space of each country. Law was even used in the ancient times. Some of the ancient societies were very powerful with powerful laws. That is why some of these societies are in the history books. We can say that law is the backbone of every society. This article is going to touch on the importance of the law in the modern day society.

Maintaining law and order is the major importance of the law. A world without rules and regulations would be a very chaotic one. Laws like those against terror and also those against drug trafficking. The less fortunate members of the society are protected by the laws of humanity. The impact of these international laws will be felt only if the individual states work together. The governments must do their part to enforce these laws.

The law can exert its effect indirectly. Especially socially. These social changes, in turn, pose major impacts on the society. An example of such a law is the right to education. This will assist in increasing the literacy level of the society. As we all know, education is the key to everything. Educating a society will do away with ignorance and poverty. Most developing experience countries the problems of having higher poverty levels as well as ignorant citizens. The law can, therefore, be used to try and change this scenario.

The other important aspect of the law is the food safety. There are several scientifically modified type of foods currently in the market. There are some of them that are harmful to humans. There are therefore some laws that ensure the safety of these products. Also the law that requires all the products on a counter to possess both the manufacturing and the expiry dates. Consumers are therefore protected from consuming expired products that can be harmful to them. These are a few examples of the importance of law.

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