4 Tips to Clear Household Clutter

Clutter is an issue for many householders. Rubbish removers can clean the mess, but they know that the goal is to have an organized, neat, and clutter-free home. Below are several tips to fight clutter and reclaim the home.

Set Aside a Donation Bin

If someone in the family likes to shop, they likely have a few old items that can safely be gotten rid of. Set up a donation bin or bag and take it to a local charity at the end of every month. Householders are often surprised at how quickly stuff can accumulate, but it’s a great feeling to know that all that unused stuff is going to someone who can use it.

Group Similar Things Together

Most families follow this tip to an extent, but it bears repeating. Put cleaning supplies in one spot, home office stuff in another, and laundry stuff in the appropriate room. If families don’t do this, they’ll find it harder to locate the things they need when they’re needed. This can lead to needless purchases and additional clutter.

Sort and Dispose of Mail Promptly

There are two kinds of mail: actionable pieces and junk mail. The latter can be thrown away or recycled immediately, and important mail pieces should be sorted and cleared once per week. When families don’t do this, they quickly become overwhelmed by piles of paper and they find it hard to tell the important stuff from the junk.

Clean Out the Closet

If an item of clothing hasn’t been worn in two years, it’s safe to say that it can be donated. For those who aren’t sure what they wear and what they don’t, here’s an easy tip: Begin the year by hanging things the opposite way. As items are removed and worn, put them back in the normal position. Anything that hasn’t been moved in the last year can be donated.

While it can be difficult to let go of sentimental items, it’s sometimes necessary for the sake of cleanliness and sanity. For tips and additional information on rubbish removal and household waste recycling, visit the company online.